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OCTANS 101/2 Lower deck light up to 100W O=

OCTANS 101/2 Lower deck light up to 100W O=

Article number: 1110102
Catalog number: 101/2
Catalog page: zart
IP number: IP56
Weight: 1,400 Kg

Brass casing and flange cylindrical glass 94 x 115mm, fixed by a glass retainer ring with screws, with drip-hole, up to max. 60W, by using a branching box up to max. 100W

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Spare parts

A24 Cable gland H

B24 Cable gland H

C24 Cable gland H

M24 U-LB Cable gland H-U

M24x1,5 DIN 89280

W 12 Cable gland H

W 14 Cable gland H

W 16 Cable gland H

W 17 Cable gland H

Z 10A Cable gland H

Z 12 Cable gland H

Z 14 Cable gland H

Z 16 Cable gland H

Z 17 Cable gland H

Z 8A Cable gland H

109 Cylindrical glass

109 blue glass with flange

109 yellow glass with flange

109 green glass with flange

109 clesr glass with flange without drip-hole

109 frosted glass with flange

109 red glass with flange

454 Triple bracket lampholder E27

460 B22 double brackt lampholder

461 Triple bracket lampholder B22

without lampholder