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GEMINI 1319/D/24 Flashlight 24V DC† -O-

GEMINI 1319/D/24 Flashlight 24V DC† -O-

Article number: 1113197
Catalog number: 1319/D/24
Catalog page:
IP number: IP56
Weight: 1,000 Kg

Brass casing structured globe, made of Polycarbonate, thread M100 x 2mm, with flashing-insert make Pfannenberg, voltage: 24V DC, flashing frequency: 60 flash/min, flashing energy: 10 joule, life-time: after 8.000.000 flashes 85% light intensity

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Spare parts

BL24 Flashing insert 24V DC

A24 Cable gland H

B24 Cable gland H

C24 Cable gland H

M24 U-LB Cable gland H-U

M24x1,5 DIN 89280

W 12 Cable gland H

W 14 Cable gland H

W 16 Cable gland H

W 17 Cable gland H

Z 10A Cable gland H

Z 12 Cable gland H

Z 14 Cable gland H

Z 16 Cable gland H

Z 17 Cable gland H

Z 8A Cable gland H

154 Structured globe, clear, made of Polycarbonate

154/G Cylindrical glass

154 Structured globe blue

154 Structured globe yellow

154 Structured globe green

154 clear structured globe without drip-hole