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HYDRUS VH500 StSt Floodlight up to 500W

HYDRUS VH500 StSt Floodlight up to 500W

Article number: 2100500
Catalog number: VH500
Catalog page:
IP number: IP67
Weight: 4,800 Kg

Casing, glass-holding frame, latches and bracket made out of stainless steel, powdercoated (RAL 9018) casing. Hard glass pane, resistant against temperature changes. With branching box. With lampholder R7s. For halogen-lamp up to 500W, length ca.118mm

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Spare parts

VH500GL glass-holding frame for VH500 complete set

475 lampholder R7s

VH500G glass for VH500

VH500D gasket for VH500