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ROTTERDAM EMC236 Ex-proof emergency light fitting 2x36W

ROTTERDAM EMC236 Ex-proof emergency light fitting 2x36W

Article number: 5323201
Catalog number: EMC236
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IP number: IP 66
Weight: 12,000 Kg

Ex-protected fluorescent light fitting with 2 channel electronic ballast unit for bi-pin fluorescent lamps (G13) 2x36W. Housing made of glass mat reinforced polyester, protective cover made of polycarbonate. Double-sided lock with 20 latch points. Protective cover hingeable on both sides. Automatic switch built as a safety disconnector acc. to EN 60947.Automatic switch ensuring the disconnection of all exposed components when the fitting is opened . Large terminal compartment with 6 terminals up to 6 mm. Rated voltage: AC 110V-254V +/- 10%, 47-63Hz. Rated current: 0,4A; Cos phi: 0,95 (230V). 2x plastic cable gland M25. Permissable ambient temperature -5C to +50C. Light fitting with 7 Ah-NC battery, for 1,5 or 3 h emergency operation; local setting. Battery charging method with -intelligent- microelectronics.The required function and duration test is automatically performed with emergency operations or requested after 6 month.

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Spare parts

EXL/WA18 polycarbonate cover

EXC/SS13 Hexagon key SW 13

EXL/KB Terminal strip

EXL/RKS Rewflector flaps with switch (for EXL)

E-Ballast unit for EMC236