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BUSAN 516/L Explosion-proof CEE-socket and plug 16A† O-

BUSAN 516/L Explosion-proof CEE-socket and plug 16A† O-

Article number: 5151606
Catalog number: 516/R/4h
Catalog page:
IP number: IP56
Weight: 2,450 Kg

Explosion-proof socket 16A max 240V AC, PTB-No.03 ATEX 1050x, Ex-protection class EEx ed IIC T6/T5. Brass casing, cover and cap, undetachable inner hexagonal cover screws. Nominal voltage: 100V - 130V 4h 200V - 240V 6h. Socket insert in protection pressure resistant enclosure, security switching arrangement with locking device, inside and outside earth connections

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Spare parts

5160 Ex-socket insert 16A c/w brass flange and gasket

501/5 Inner hexagonal key 5mm

A24 Cable gland H

B24 Cable gland H

C24 Cable gland H

M24 U-LB Cable gland H-U

M24x1,5 DIN 89280

W 12 Cable gland H

W 14 Cable gland H

W 16 Cable gland H

W 17 Cable gland H

Z 10A Cable gland H

Z 12 Cable gland H

Z 14 Cable gland H

Z 16 Cable gland H

Z 17 Cable gland H

Z 8A Cable gland H