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EDW36 Screw-in-Tool M36

EDW36 Screw-in-Tool M36

Article number: 7201172
Catalog number: EDW36
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Patended Screw-in-Toll for damage free installation of cable glands. With this tool it is possible to screw in cable glands without scratching the surface, espec. If they are chrome or nickel plated. For the first time cable glands can be fitted with a defined and controlled torque. This avoids loosing of the gland while mounting or dismantling the cable. Herewith the EMF-requirement for lowohmic and unchangeable fixing of the glands isguaranteed. Very important for dokumentation and quality control. Wrench size: 24 Torque (Nm) Gland body: 90 + 5 Torque (Nm) Screw bush: 60 + 5 Other sizes on request

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