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TRITON TA210-N - TRI-ONE 2-gang junction-box -0- A

Article number: 8121026
Catalog number: TA210-N
Catalog page:
IP number: IP 56
Weight: 0,950 Kg

Aluminium casing and cover, powder coated RAL9018. 2 Steatite terminal blocks acc. DIN 89300 with 4 terminals up to 2.5 sqmm each.Other terminal block systems available upon request. Cable gland: M18x1,5 brass-chromium plated acc. VG 88773 and VG 88812

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Spare parts

431 Steatite terminal block

487S-18-10cr Cable gland K M18x1,5 (11,5-12,5mm cable dia.)

487S-18-7cr Cable gland K M18x1,5 ( -9,5mm cable dia.)

487S-18-8cr Cable gland K M18x1,5 ( 9,5-10,5mm cable dia.)

487S-18-9cr Cable gland K M18x1,5 (10,5-11,5mm cable dia.)

487S-18-without cr cable gland K M18x1,5