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POSEIDON MWL831/rotá Navy-Wall-Light radar-optimized

POSEIDON MWL831/rotá Navy-Wall-Light radar-optimized

Article number: 8183102
Catalog number: MWL831/rot
Catalog page:
IP number: IP56/IP67
Weight: 4,500 Kg

Casing, glass-holding frame, latches and bracket made out of stainless steel, powdercoated (RAL 7001) casing. Red hard glass pane, resistant against temperature changes. Optional cable glands acc. VG, DIN 89280 (max. IP56) or with CVS-cable gland (IP67). Special wall mounting design for walls with 15░ incline. With shake protected lampholder E27 (VG 88838)

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Spare parts

487S-18-10cr Cable gland K M18x1,5 (11,5-12,5mm cable dia.)

487S-18-7cr Cable gland K M18x1,5 ( -9,5mm cable dia.)

487S-18-8cr Cable gland K M18x1,5 ( 9,5-10,5mm cable dia.)

487S-18-9cr Cable gland K M18x1,5 (10,5-11,5mm cable dia.)

487S-18-without cr cable gland K M18x1,5