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PROTEUS NL213PL Naval light 2x13W

PROTEUS NL213PL Naval light 2x13W

Article number: 8121400
Catalog number: NL213PL
Catalog page:
IP number: IP56
Weight: 4,220 Kg

Casing made of StSt 1.4571 and red cast brass, powdercoated RAL 9016. Glas tube made of borosilikat.
Light is amagnetic, shock- (acc. to BV 043)and EMI-prooved.
Electrical data: Voltage: 115V, 60Hz (standard - other voltage and frequency on request), Wattage: Electronic ballast unit for 2x13W Compact-fluorescent lamps with socket G24q1. Lightcolour 827, 830 or 840 optional. Cable glands (standard): 2 x M18x1,5, brass, chromium plated acc. VG 88773 and VG 88812. 6 additional blind plugs M18x1,5 can be changed to cable glands M18x1,5 (option, max. 8 cable glands M18x1,5). Loop through wiring (single ended). Environmental temperature: 45°C

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Spare parts

DLX13DE Energie saving lamp 18W

FAG24q1 lampholder FAG24Q1

EVG-UBL-113 Electronic ballast unit for NL113PL

GL313K glas tube for NL213/215 complete

487S-18-10cr Cable gland K M18x1,5 (11,5-12,5mm cable dia.)

487S-18-7cr Cable gland K M18x1,5 ( -9,5mm cable dia.)

487S-18-8cr Cable gland K M18x1,5 ( 9,5-10,5mm cable dia.)

487S-18-9cr Cable gland K M18x1,5 (10,5-11,5mm cable dia.)

487S-18-without cr cable gland K M18x1,5