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Plugs of Polyamide


Blind plug made of polyamid

Fill up the notepad

  Quantity: Type: Threat: Diameter:
  CGP M12 M12x1,5
  CGP M16 M16x1,5
  CGP M20 M20x1,5
  CGP M25 M25x1,5
  CGP M32 M32x1,5
  CGP M40 M40x1,5
  CGP M50 M50x1,5
  CGP M63 M63x1,5
  CGP PG 7 PG7
  CGP PG 9 PG9
  CGP PG 11 PG11
  CGP PG 13 PG13,5
  CGP PG 16 PG16
  CGP PG 21 PG21
  CGP PG 29 PG29
  CGP PG 36 PG36
  CGP PG 42 PG42
  CGP PG 48 PG48