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Membrane nipples of Polyethylene


Membrane nipples made of PE-LD

  Quantity: Type: Threat: Diameter:
  MN/M12 M12x1,5
  MN/M16 M16x1,5
  MN/M20 M20x1,5
  MN/M25 M25x1,5
  MN/M32 M32x1,5
  MN/M40 M40x1,5
  MN/M50 M50x1,5
  MN/M63 M63x1,5
  MN/PG7 PG7
  MN/PG9 PG9
  MN/PG11 PG11
  MN/PG13 PG13,5
  MN/PG16 PG16
  MN/PG21 PG21
  MN/PG29 PG29
  MN/PG36 PG36
  MN/PG42 PG42
  MN/PG48 PG48