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Brass-plug for closing of not required cable entries. Material: brass, available also chrome or nickel plated on extra charges.

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Quantity Type Threat Diameter (mm) Galv. surface
Ni Cr None
194 M18x1,5  
195 M24x1,5  
196 M30x2  
197 M36x2  
198 M45x2  
199 M56x2  
200 M72x2  
BliPg 7 Pg 7  
BliPg 9 Pg 9  
BliPg11 Pg11  
BliPg13 Pg13  
BliPg16 Pg16  
BliPg21 Pg21  
BliPg29 Pg29  
BliPg36 Pg36  
BliPg42 Pg42  
BliPg48 Pg48