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Sealing rings for ext. thread


Sealing ring for ext. Thread, made of polyethylen.

Fill up the notepad

  Quantity: Type: Threat: Diameter:
  ADicht M18 M18
  ADicht M24 M24
  ADicht M30 M30
  ADicht M36 M36
  ADicht M45 M45
  ADicht M56 M56
  ADicht M72 M72
  ADicht Pg 7 Pg 7
  ADicht Pg 9 Pg 9
  ADicht Pg11 Pg11
  ADicht Pg13 Pg13
  ADicht Pg16 Pg16
  ADicht Pg21 Pg21
  ADicht Pg29 Pg29
  ADicht Pg36 Pg36
  ADicht Pg42 Pg42
  ADicht Pg48 Pg48